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These are some causes that I truly believe in. I encourage you to support them to help make a positive impact in the lives of people who truly need it. 


All contributions provide payments to mortgages, utilities and medical bills, to parents who are caring for their child in the hospital. Also, a portion of the proceeds go to the Ryan Seacrest Studios which provides an “On Air” experience to every child in the hospital. Please join me in providing a little peace to these families during their difficult times. Boston Children’s gives exceptional care!


All proceeds help volunteers deliver live, virtual, and recorded music at the bedside of patients in Children’s Hospitals, VA Hospitals, and Hospice Care Facilities. Music has been proven to improve blood pressure, manage stress, alleviate and improve pain tolerance. It helps access and express feelings, enhance and access memories. It can also improve mindset and emotional outlook, promote physical rehabilitation, and reduce their hospital stay. Let’s keep this going together!

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