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My Story

“It is an honor and a blessing to be able to share music that helps others manage their emotions. Music brings strength, joy, and even healing. It can help create some of your greatest memories and get you through some of the toughest times. I am truly grateful for this gift!”

Raising over $33,000 through music!!

Giving back is on the top of the list for singer/songwriter Missy Ducharme of B Charmed and it's what drives her passion with her music.

Growing up in the tiny ocean state RI, she loves to bring that sense of community with her music. Performing a combination of contemporary Christian music with a country flare, her music provides an uplifting environment to her audiences.

Missy has been bringing healing through music since 2005. She released a contemporary Christian EP, produced by Steve Vito, and released a new Christian album, produced by Jonas Woods and Chris Hoisington of Old Bear Studios, that will benefit important causes that she is fully invested in supporting.

Be sure to stay in touch by joining the B Charmed friends list or by following Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for all the latest. Don't be shy to send your prayer request too!

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